Best Office Fitout Design Ideas 2020

Designing the fitout for your new or existing office space can be exciting, but sometimes very stressful. With so many options in terms of colour, layout and office furniture, it can often be difficult to know where to start. IC Corporate specialise in office fitout designs that are customised to suit the needs of you and your employees. To obtain your free measure, quote and design advice today, contact IC Corporate on (03) 8802 9630.

In the meantime, we have compiled a list of the best office fit out design ideas to help you with your planning.

Customise it

Branded Office Design

Customisation is becoming ever popular in office fitout designs, with many companies and brands opting to incorporate logos and elements of branding into their fitout choices. While some look upon this as “too much” and a little kitsch, branding your office space can be helpful to the success of your employees and thus, your business. Having these elements of branding visible to employees creates a sense of purpose among employees and reminds them why they are working, and what they’re working towards. IC Corporate can assist you in creating an office space that tastefully incorporates your company’s branding.


Keep staff well-being in mind

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In any office, the well-being of staff members is always paramount in order to maintain happy employees who are driven to succeed in their work life. Therefore, why wouldn’t you consider how your office fitout can best be optimised to increase the well-being of your staff? A great place to start is to go to your staff and ask them what would improve their work experience so that you can get direct and accurate feedback. If this isn’t possible, some things to consider for staff wellbeing might be:

  • Ensuring there is good ventilation throughout the office
  • Having a fully fitted out kitchen
  • Integrating ergonomics
  • Purchase sit-stand desks
  • Make sure all work areas are comfortable

IC Corporate has a wide range of comfortable office furniture available.


Opt for Flexibility


In the modern office space, the demand for flexibility is ever increasing, with many employees choosing to work away from the traditional office desk and chair and instead finding increased productivity at other workstations. Because of this, it is almost inexcusable to solely offer standard desk and chair configurations to your employees. Not sure what a flexible office space looks like? Being a leading office fitout company in Melbourne, we at IC Corporate specialise in flexible office furniture and can assist you in creating a flexible office space that suits the daily demands of your company. We often suggest including tables that separate and can move easily, couches with desks suitable for team meetings and breakout areas for relaxation.


Offer privacy

Flexible Workstations

While many offices these days can be based around working in teams, or communicating with your desk neighbours, it is important to consider those who might need complete privacy some days. Including private pods is so important in every office and goes hand in hand with considering the wellbeing of staff. When it is suitable to do so, some employees may work better, or prefer to work in an environment with no distractions.  In addition, privacy pods are a perfect for providing this need without having to take up the space of an entire room. The next time an employee needs to take a private call or review some confidential documents, they have a place to go.


Light and Bright

Bright workspace

Good lighting is one of the most important elements of increased productivity and satisfaction in the workplace, so its important to compliment this with choosing light wall and floor colours. Choosing dark colours will only make your office feel more closed in, whereas opting for light colouring and adding in windows to increase natural light will make the office feel open. Another great tip is to add mirrors, which will create the illusion of a larger room. If you’re working in a small office, using these tips will make your space feel larger than life.