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An important feature of interior office design is the need to have flexibility with your office layout, equipment, office furniture, and the environment to suit the needs of your employees and the work they perform.

To enable a person to work effectively in an office, the following needs to be considered; location of amenities, corridors, office storage and the space in their immediate working area to accommodate an office desk, office chair, office drawers, a filing cabinet and other necessary equipment. A single person office should be 10 metres square in overall size.

Interior Office Design & Layout: floors and walk ways

For floor surfaces, a wool mix carpet reduces noise and the build up of static electricity, which can cause a mild electric shock. Carpet also reduces the risk of slips and falls and should be laid without loose edges or ripples and should be well maintained. For tasks that require pushing and pulling of wheeled equipment, carpet should be low profile to prevent force manual handling.

Walkways should also be considered when planning your interior office design and layout. Ensure aisle widths of at least 1 metre in intermediate foot traffic areas.

Interior Office Design: Partitions

Office partitions are used to divide workstations and provide visual and auditory privacy. An office partition can reduce noise, unwanted distractions and help control external and reflective light. However if not appropriately designed they can cast shadows and reduce light levels.

Interior Office Layout: Office Storage

It is important to consider the location of office storage facilities, such as filing cabinets, office lockers and shelving units. A filing cabinet, for example, requires approximately 1.2 metres of space in front of it to enable someone to access a fully opened bottom drawer.

In areas where equipment such as photocopiers, faxes and printers are used, more floor space is required to accommodate additional foot traffic and general activity.


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