Boardroom Table

Need a boardroom table? IC Corporate has what you need. With a range of boardroom table designs and styles to choose from, you’ll find the perfect fit for your office space in Melbourne with help from the experienced staff at IC Corporate Interiors.

When you have your own business, first impressions are everything in terms of clients and new employees. Because many of these first meetings will happen in the boardroom, it’s important that you choose a table that will impress your guests. In addition, as a place for collaboration and decision making, your boardroom table is an essential piece of furniture to your office space. By making this space look professional, it will increase the productivity of your current staff and become a hub for great ideas and creativity.

Conduct your work meetings and consultations efficiently with a stylish and functional boardroom table. To view IC Corporate’s complete range of boardroom tables see here.

Boardroom Table Bases By Trapeze

Trapeze table base systems are designed for commercial application and are not only suitable for use as boardroom tables but can be used for a variety of other configurations including desks and meeting tables. Their unique profile is stylish and practical, providing you with a visually appealing piece of furniture that offers the ultimate ease of use.

Trapeze bases can accommodate tops of unlimited length and table widths of up to 1600mm, providing endless opportunity for a wide variety of configurations. The legs can be positioned at any point along the beam at two foot widths for a narrow and wide boardroom table and can be angled at 0 degrees, 22 .5 degrees, and 45 degrees depending on the aesthetic requirements. Trapeze boardroom table bases come in two standard finishes: polished aluminium or metallic texture.


Boardroom Table Bases By I.Am And Incognito

Designed for commercial application and having the capacity to serve a wide range of table configurations, and incognito boardroom table base systems are another stylish and practical alternative when it comes to customising a boardroom table that suits your needs and the requirements of your office space. and Incognito table bases can accommodate table tops of unlimited length and widths of up to 1600mm, providing endless opportunity for a wide variety of configurations. bases are manufactured using recyclable materials including steel, aluminium and polypropylene. Incognito boardroom table bases are available in white powder coat and polished steel finishes.


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