The Future of Office Design

With significant changes this year to how the traditional workplace functions, it can leave us wondering what the future of office design looks like and if the offices we know will ever be the same again. Most of the current office design trends are centered around balancing open space with a few private areas, lots of natural light and also room to relax.

However, what’s to say this isn’t going to change soon? IC Corporate Interiors specialise in Melbourne office design and fit outs, customised to your needs and design preferences. As experts in the field, we’ve decided to put together a list of some of the future of office design predictions so you can start planning your new fit out.

Going Green

While many businesses have been making the shift to more sustainable choices in the office, one guaranteed prediction is that this will only continue. People will begin to design their office spaces not only with functionality and style in mind, but also with considerations as to how sustainable the space can be. This is because future generations are much more conscious of the environment and are passionate about doing as much as they can to prevent damage.

At IC Corporate Interiors, we can work with you to create an office design that combines sustainability with your fit-out preference to create the perfect office space.


With a rise in popularity for flexible working hours and environments, many believe that offices of the future will break away from the traditional partition layout and instead focus on comfort, making for a “homely” feel.

Gone are the days where offices are known as formal places; in the future, we are encouraged to have fun with design and provide generous facilities for employees. If this year has taught employers anything, it’s that some employees are more productive when working away from the desk. Therefore, it’s important to provide these options for them.

At IC Corporate Interiors, we have a range of high quality, comfortable office furniture that we can use in your office design to ensure all employees needs are catered for.

Privacy and Collaboration

Similar to how offices operate now, the future won’t see a shift from providing a mixture of private spaces and collaborative spaces for employees.

This is because no matter how much the workplace changes, there will always be a need for collaborative spaces where teams of employees can have meetings or staff can work individually in peace. The best solution for this is to install privacy pods and separate meeting rooms with large board tables; however, no matter what you choose to do, the most important thing is to make sure each room has noise blocking properties.

If you don’t want to break up your office space too much, or if you’re on a budget, another suitable alternative is to install workplace partitions to create separation without building separate rooms. IC Corporate Interiors have a wide range of boardroom tables and office partitions that can help you create space for your team.

Holistic Integration

With a shift to making the office a more holistic space where employees want to spend time, designers predict that future offices will include a range of integrated services such as childcare centers, hairdressers, laundries, banks and post offices. This is all in an attempt to improve the working conditions for employees and make their transition between work and personal life that little bit easier. In addition, we will see a transition towards more disability friendly offices- a change that is much needed and welcomed.

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