Office Fitouts: Redesigning your Workspace to Increase Productivity

For many of us, being productive in the workplace can sometimes prove difficult, with constant noise and distraction making it hard to focus. Therefore, when redesigning your workspace or going ahead with new office fitouts, it is important to consider how your office can be optimised for maximum productivity to ensure that you and your employees are working comfortably and efficiently all day long.

At IC Corporate Interiors, we design productive workplaces completely customised to your business from initial consultation right through to completion. To book your free measure, quote and design advice, contact us on (03) 8802 9630. In the meantime, below is our list of five ways you can redesign your workspace to increase productivity.

Ergonomic Furniture:

Ergonomics refers to the study of how one can be more productive and comfortable while performing tasks in the workplace. In order to make your office fitout ergonomic friendly, the office desks, chairs and computers are set up in a specific way to ensure they fit in with your body’s build and your regular movements.

Some tips on creating an ergonomic set up are:

  • Get a chair that supports your lower back and allows your feet to be parallel to the floor
  • Get a desk that will allow your forearms to sit parallel when typing or writing
  • Position your keyboard close to the front edge of the desk
  • Place the mouse mat directly beside the end of the keyboard
  • Position the computer screen to eye level, arm’s length away from your sitting position

For extra support, you can purchase ergonomic accessories such as footrests, laptop lifts or wrist rests which can make a significant difference in comfort, leading to productivity. At IC Corporate, we provide and install a range of ergonomic office furniture including chairs, desks and workstations.

Create opportunities for movement:

Most of the time, acknowledging that you need a break will make you more productive than sitting at your desk trying to push through a slump. Therefore, one of the best ways to make your workspace more productive is to provide opportunities for movement. In fact, research shows that breaking up work time with rest periods lowers stress levels and increases overall productivity. When thinking about redesigning your workspace to accommodate, a great option is to install stand to sit desks, which allow staff the opportunity to move freely while working. IC Corporate supply a wide range of office desks, including stylish stand to sit options. Another helpful tip is to deliberately place frequently used items away from the common workspace. While this may seem inconvenient, it forces staff to constantly move throughout the day, aiding in productivity.

Office Inspiration

Match the space to the task:

When redesigning your office space, it’s very important to consider the role of each employee, and the type of work they do. Who collaborates? Who tends to work on their own? Is there anyone who spends a lot of time taking calls? Many high functioning offices will have an open plan space with plenty of rooms for private and group work. That way, if an employee is struggling in one area, they can move to an area that fits their task. When these factors are into consideration, you can create a space that is productive for everyone. At IC Corporate, we start by assessing the individual needs of your company to create a space completely suited to you.

Consider the aesthetics:

Choosing aesthetics is a fun, yet important part of any office fit out that makes a significant difference to the way you and your team operate each day. Having a space that you love the look of will make you excited to work each day, also making you more productive. Another good option is to include branding in your design, which is a positive reminder to staff of what they’re working towards, which can be motivating for big goal setters.

Keep it clean:

Common wisdom says that a cluttered desk leads to a creative mind, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to productivity. Taking the time to clean out your desk at the start of each day will lead to a more productive day, with less time spent looking for missing items hidden amongst the clutter. Once you’ve done this, its also a great idea to personalise your workspace with items that will help you stay focused. For some, this is a weekly calendar to help check off tasks, a plant to add life and colour, or a photo of a loved one.

Ask for advice:

Perhaps the most useful tip of all, it’s important to remember to consistently ask your employees for feedback on the workspace to see how it can be improved. This way, you’ll know exactly what to change to increase productivity because, after all, each person and each company operates differently so what works for one office may not work for another. Showing your employees that you care about their opinion will also make them more likely to feel happy at work, which is proven to increase productivity!