How Colour Can Impact your Office Design

In any renovation, choosing which colours you’re going to use can be a difficult process. Do you keep it in line with your brand? Or, do you choose colours that are the most aesthetically pleasing? Believe it or not, there are certain colour choices that can impact your office design, both in a positive and negative way, with some colours having a different effect depending on your gender.

Therefore, it’s important to put as much planning into your colour choice as you do with your furniture and layout. At IC Corporate Interiors, we specialise in office design and enjoy helping our clients select colours that compliment their office space. Below, we’re sharing some of the ways that colour can impact your office design and how to select the right scheme.

Hues of Green & Blue

Colours that are commonly found in nature, blue and green tones can have a calming effect on your office space, reducing stress, stimulating mental focus and increasing efficiency in work. This makes for happier employees who are motivated to come to work each day because they feel calm in their work environment.

Blue is a great colour to use because it is synonymous with stability and reliability, promoting positivity and productivity. Blue is best used in large, open plan spaces; perhaps as a feature wall or including blue toned carpet.

Green, on the other hand, is the perfect colour to use in spaces where employees are spending most of their time such as throughout desk spaces or in common areas. Being less harsh on the eyes, green is known to reduce eye fatigue, making it easier for staff to work through long hours.

Seeing Red

Everyone knows red is one of the most intense and passionate colours on the wheel, and it’s known to increase heart rate and blood flow. Due to this, red should be used sparingly to reduce its intense, alarming effect that can sometimes evoke aggression and stress in the workplace.

However, a thoughtful pop of red, especially if it’s in your logo, can increase energy levels and efficiency. When it comes to your office design, red is best used in spaces where people won’t be working, such as the bathroom hallway, kitchen or even if your workplace has an in-house gym.

Sunny Orange & Yellow

Orange and yellow, the brightest colours of all, are directly linked to feelings of happiness, optimism and energy. Yellow stimulates creativity and innovation, whereas orange can induce determination and success. However, like many colours, yellow and orange can be overpowering and should be balance with subdued shades to decrease their intensity. Yellow and orange are best used in collaborative spaces or as highlights on elements to use these colours to your advantage.

Black & White: The Staples

It’s inevitable that almost every office space will incorporate black and white into their design. White is clean and pure and is mostly used as a way to create the impression of space in small office areas. On the contrary, black is striking and can have a powerful, emotive effect on a workspace that can add a sense of authority to the space and motivate staff. It’s important to remember that black absorbs natural light, so if your goal is to have a light and airy office, ensure to use black in moderation.

IC Corporate Interiors specialise in creating custom office designs that optimise your office space. We use a unique 3D ‘Virtual Reality’ design process that allows you to visualise your space before construction and ensure you’re happy with the colour choices you have made.

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