Choosing the Right Office Fitout Company

Making the decision to redo your workspace can be a difficult one, especially when there are so many factors involved. What can be even more difficult, however, is choosing the right office fitout company to redo your workspace. How do you know if you can trust them? Are they going to stick to your budget? Will you be happy with the result? A common denominator between all these questions is peace of mind. With any investment you make, you want to be sure that the money you’re spending is worthwhile, especially on a large project like an office renovation.

IC Corporate Interiors specialise in affordable commercial office fitouts, using special tools and expert interior designers who clients can trust. Below are some tips on choosing the right office fitout company to redo your workspace so that you can make the right decision.

What is their point of difference?

When choosing an office fitout company to redo your workspace, you want to work with someone who specialises in working on spaces similar to yours. Determining this will involve doing some background research on the companies, which will usually live on the home and about pages of their website. If they have built their website correctly, they should have some good information on the site around what they specialise in and what makes them different from other office fit out companies.

IC Corporate, for example, specialise in affordable, high quality office interior design services and commercial fitouts. Finding out the company’s point of difference will help you disseminate who you want to work with based on what your company values. If you value personalisation, work with a company that focuses on that. If you really want some customised furniture built for your office, again, you would choose a company experienced in that area.

Is the office fitout company experienced?

In any industry, its a given that experience is a major contributing factor to quality of work. Choosing a team that is experienced means that they’ve had time to perfect their processes, meaning you can rest assured that work on your office space is being carried out effectively and efficiently. When researching a company’s level of experience, some things to look out for are: do they specialise in your industry? Have they worked in your location before? Have they completed any jobs that are similar to yours? For example, IC Corporate Interiors have over 15 years of industry experience working in the office interior design and commercial fitouts sector in Melbourne.

Does the company have testimonials?

A great way to weed out companies who may not be trusting is to jump on their website or their Google My Business and see if they have any reviews or testimonials. A first tell-tale sign of an untrustworthy business can be either no testimonials or some bad Google My Business reviews. A lack of reviews, on the other hand, can allude to the fact that they might not have much experience, or their clients haven’t been happy with their experience. While this may not always be the case, as a client, you want peace of mind that the company you’re working with is successful and has the reviews to prove it.

IC Corporate Interiors are lucky to have worked with some incredible reputable clients who were kind enough to leave some positive testimonials, which are published on the website.

Do you get to see your design before signing with the office fitout company?

Touching again on peace of mind, perhaps the best way to secure this is to make sure you get to clearly see your design before you sign any binding contracts. This way, you won’t feel disappointed at the end if your office space doesn’t look like you hoped. IC Corporate Interiors can offer this peace of mind through a unique 3D ‘virtual reality’ design process that enables clients to visualise their office space.

IC Corporate Interiors specialise in office interior design services and commercial fitouts In Melbourne. For a free measure, quote and design advice, contact IC Corporate Interiors on (03) 8802 9630.