The Benefits of a Good Office Fitout

As a business owner, updating your office fitout can be an easy task to put off as it requires planning, pivoting and most importantly, spending a fair amount of money. While this is true, the benefits of a good office fitout are hard to ignore. A fresh space that suits the needs of your employees and business structure can boost performance, present a better brand image, help you stay up to date with technology and increase comfort. At IC Corporate Interiors, we specialise in affordable commercial office fitouts and can find a solution to fit your brand, budget and office size.

Boosts Performance

There is a wealth of research evidencing that the more suitable your office space is, the more productive you and your employees will be. An office that can fulfill the needs of your team will provide them with tools to work productively, which will improve your company’s performance. In addition, this will result in happier staff who want to come to work each day, resulting in a lower rate of employee turnover. A good office fitout that boosts performance will provide several workspace options for your team allowing them to work collaboratively or autonomously. It will  also provide opportunity for natural light flow, and there will be comfortable spaces for staff to rest or some greenery to increase oxygen. IC Corporate Interiors can work with you to combine the needs of your staff with furniture and fitout solutions.

Better Brand Image

Whether we like it or not, first impressions count – and your office space is no exception. Therefore, it is important to recognise that a good office fitout will benefit your brand’s image and play a part in helping you impress and secure new clients. To make your office space impressive and aligned with your brand image, combine brand colours and logos with timeless, clean office designs. IC Corporare Interiors can help you showcase your brand in your office fitout in a tasteful, yet meaningful way.

Stay Tech Savvy

As we all know, technology is forever changing to improve our connectivity in the workplace. However, it can sometimes be difficult and expensive to keep up with, especially if your office isn’t equipped to take on technological updates. Therefore, having an updated good office fitout that is technologically adaptable will improve your company’ efficiency. For example, it’s a good idea to invest in faster connectivity, as well as put changes in place that will future proof your office and allow you to implement technology updates down the track without having to make significant changes.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Needless to say, being comfortable is the key to productivity in any office space. Therefore, updating your office space to be as comfortable as possible will be incredibly beneficial for your employees. One proven way to increase comfort is to use ergonomic furniture configurations. Ergonomics refers to the science of refining design products, in this case, computers, desks and chairs, to optimise them for human use. Using ergonomic furniture in your office fitout will ensure that your employees are comfortable all day long, as well as reduce any workplace related injuries such as neck and back strain. At IC Corporate Interiors, we specislise in ergonomic office fitouts and stock a wide range of ergonomic office furniture.

Efficient use of floorspace

Until you choose to redo your office fitout and clear out your current furniture, you may not have realised how you neglected useful floorspace. While it can involve some careful thinking, moving your furniture around and finding configurations that make better use of floor space can save you a lot of money that you may have thought you needed to spend on new furniture. As office fitout professionals, IC Corporate Interiors have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to furniture configurations and can help you create a space that uses your current furniture to optimise floor space.

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