The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Office Fitout in Melbourne

If you are planning a new office fitout for your Melbourne business, then there are a number of important considerations you need to factor into your decision making. An office fitout in Melbourne gives you the opportunity to provide your work space with a brand new look and feel that better caters to the needs of your employees, clients, and guests. 

At IC Corporate Interiors, we use a proven process for implementing commercial office fitouts in Melbourne for businesses of all shapes and sizes. This ultimate guide will take you through everything you need to know when planning your next office redesign for your Melbourne business. 

What You Need to Consider For Your Office Fitout in Melbourne 

There are certain questions you need to ask yourself and the other members of your management group before you lock in a new office fitout. Knowing the answers to these questions helps you redesign your work space with purpose and the confidence that every detail is working to the benefit of your business. 

Let’s take a look at some of the key details you need to consider when planning your Melbourne office fitout. 


Knowing your budget is crucial to knowing the possibilities and limitations of your office fitout. At IC Corporate Interiors, we offer a free measure and quote for businesses, so you can form a more detailed picture of how far you can take the redesign. 

Meeting Your Employee’s Needs 

Employees have the right to enter into a workplace each day where they feel welcomed, valued, and comfortable. Investing in ergonomic furniture, restructuring your office layout to free up more space, and adding in warm touches such as green walls are all great ways to make your office more welcoming. It is also essential that you accommodate any employees with disabilities through investing in appropriate accessibility features and furniture. 

Match Your Brand’s Identity 

Redesigning your office is a good opportunity to align your physical workspace with your brand’s identity, ensuring every detail reflects your company’s values and ethos. This process allows for a thoughtful selection of colours, furniture, and layouts that not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration. From your office desks to your reception desks in Melbourne, every detail of your work space can be a reflection of your brand. 

Our Melbourne Office Fitout Process 

At IC Corporate Interiors, we use a proven design process to ensure consistently high quality commercial office fitouts in Melbourne

  1. Following our initial consultation at your premises, our Melbourne office designers will create a digital 2D floor plan tailored to your needs.
  2. From the finished 2D floor plan, we develop a 3D computer-generated model, presenting both perspective and isometric views for a comprehensive visualisation.
  3. The 3D model is brought to life with your chosen materials, including timber and fabrics, allowing you to see the transformations unfold on the designer’s laptop. Together, you’ll fine-tune the details until achieving the desired outcome.
  4. After finalising the colours, design, and construction drawings, your designer will oversee the supply and installation of your new office fitout in Melbourne. They will manage the project on site, ensuring everything meets your standards and you are completely satisfied with the final result.

Thanks to this process, you are able to closely work with us on planning and implementing your ideal new office fitout. 

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