Height Adjustable Desks – Sit – Stand Desks

Selectric is an electric height adjustable desk fully certified to AFRDI Furntech for commercial office fitout workstation installations, offering the user great flexibility to accommodate standing and sitting work postures with the easy of a simple switch.

The Selectric utilises European technology, constructed with a sturdy steel frame and powered by twin motor drives, maximum height is achieved via three sections of telescopic legs. Electric Smart-E2 control offers easy adjustment and allows the user to easily adjust the worktop height to their individual preference.

adjustable-desks-aBuilt-In Functions & Features:
  • Safety Function
  • Overload/Overheat Protection
  • Safety Isolating Transformer
  • Oft Stop/Start Function
  • On/Off Switch for Main Power
  • Frame load max 120kg equally divided
  • Available with 2-Button remote controller or with a Master remote controller
  • 2- Button remote controller with simple Up/Down control at a push of a button
  • Master remote control has the added feature of pre-setting three positions and has a digital height display
  • Remote controllers come with a 1.8 meter cable with input plug
  • Height Range starts from 650mm up to 1300mm High
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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Available Sizes & Finishes:
  • Height Range starts from 650mm up to 1300mm High
  • Suits table top lengths from 1200mm up to 2400mm Long
  • Suits table top Depths from 750mm up to 1200mm Deep
  • Table tops can be 18mm thick or 25mm thick
  • Table tops come in a wide range of Laminex and Formica Finishes, please click on the link to view the colour range available Laminex & Formica Colours
  • Frames available in White Powdercoat
adjustable-desks-dSit-Stand Desk & Workstation advantages:
  • Allows you to change posture (sitting and standing every 30 mins conforms to current OH&S principles with regard to changing posture every 30 mins)
  • Reduced cardiovascular disease
  • Reduced incidents of the neck and back pain
  • Increased work productivity
  • Improved mood states

*Please see below for further information and references

Why is sitting less better for your health?

Adults who sit less throughout the day have a lower risk of early death-particularly from cardiovascular disease. (1.)

Switching between sitting and standing offers the body movement, and movement is the key to computing comfort. Why? One reason is likely because motion facilitates blood flow to carry oxygen and nutrients to joints and tissues so we stay energised while working. This is especially true when using large muscle groups, like those involved in standing. (2.)

What is recommended at work?

A 2011 study published by the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention shows prolonged sitting is reduced when workers are equipped with sit-stand workstations and office desks. Among other things, increased standing among participants improved mood states and reduced incidents of the neck and back pain. (3.)

Tips to reduce your sitting time: (4.)
  • Use a height adjustable desk so you can work standing and sitting
  • Stand and take a break from your computer every 30 minutes
  • Take breaks in sitting time in long meetings
  • Stand to greet a visitor to your workplace
  • Use the stairs
  • Stand during phone calls
  • Walk to your colleagues’ desk instead of phoning or emailing
  • Drink more water – going to the water cooler and toilet will break up sitting time
  • Eat your lunch away from your desk
  • Stand at the back of the room during presentations


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(2) Comfortable Computing Initiative ‘Why stand’

(3) Centres for Disease Control (CDC) Study: The take a Stand Project

(4) Heart Foundation ‘Sitting less for adults’