Workstation Screens: Tiled Systems

workstation screensThese 75mm Workstation Screens Systems are sophisticated and unique, due to their removable tiles and are available in two different heights – 1230H and 1630H.

For a speedy lead time, the detachable tiles come in a choice of 4 stocked colours (Charcoal, Cherry Red, Navy Dolphin and Grey) whilst still allowing you scope to be creative with the colour scheme. Alternatively, you have the option of selecting from a large range of fabrics to suit any décor.

Office work station Partition Screen Tiled Systems can be made of glass partition panels above 1230H, or made to be pinnable. The flexibility of this system allows our designers to create any interior office layout to suit your requirements – and your staffs’ needs. Other features of this office partition system include: screen mounted shelves and a function wall where you can hang accessories.

Why choose a Screen Tiled System?

Office Partition Screen Tiled Systems are the perfect privacy solution for medium to large sized offices. Partitions not only provide a sense of privacy, but also add division between different departments who share floor space. The nature of these partitions is that they don’t take up the entire wall; therefore, different teams don’t feel isolated and can collaborate if necessary. Overall, office partitions are effective in minimising noise and distractions while still allowing for cohesion between employees.

Ducting for power, voice and data using Office Partition Screen Tiled Systems

workstation screensA key feature of these Office Partition Screen Systems is the ease of having the system wired for power/voice data. The tiles can be easily removed by the electrician and power can be either hard wired by a registered electrician or soft wired to our services plate which is mounted on the tile. Available with 2 GPO outlets and 2 Data/voice access holes or 4 GPO outlets and 4 x Data/Voice access holes. You can choose to have the power at desk height or at base level. Just simply plug into the office partition screen.

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