Office Design Trends to Follow in 2021

With 2020 nearing the end, the new year is on the horizon, a time when some businesses are choosing to move office spaces or simply refresh their existing space. Often, a new year means new trends; therefore, if you’re planning ahead, it’s a good idea to be aware of some of the upcoming trends to ensure your office is up to date. At IC Corporate Interiors, we specialise in office interior design, always following up to date trends, customised to suit your office space. Therefore, we’re sharing our list of top office design trends to follow in 2021.

Keep it open… But quiet

Open plan workspaces have been popular for a number of years and continue to be; however, moving into 2021, we are seeing a shift in focus to making open workspaces quieter. Naturally, in an open plan space with no separation, there will be some noise which makes it difficult for some employees to concentrate on their work. However, there are measures you can take to reduce noise in your open plan office such as installing soundproof partitions that still allow you to keep the space open, but with some separation. At IC Corporate Interiors, we stock a range of partitions that are suitable for any workspace.

Hybrid Workspaces

When your employees spend as much time at work as they do at home, it’s important to make the office a space they want to be. In 2021, we are seeing a rise in workplaces making their office more “homely.” This includes spending time choosing comfortable, trendy furniture for breakout spaces, stocking the kitchen with extra food and a range of appliances to accommodate that little bit extra for your staff. In light of this, office Kitchen designs are also moving towards the less “commercial” look and instead having the aesthetic of a modern home kitchen.

The Office as a Marketing Tool

Another trend we’re seeing is companies aligning their office space with their brand, rather than going for the traditional corporate office design. At IC Corporate Interiors, our design team can assist you with choosing colours, furniture and fixtures that align with your brand to create an on-brand space that is still trendy. In addition, creating a branded space will remind employees what they’re working towards and give clients and visitors a strong first impression of your company.

Consider the Environment

Working inside an office all day long, it’s important to bring elements of the outside, in and create a space that is reflective of the environment. This can be achieved by scattering plants around the office, using natural colours such as beige, calm greens and browns and using natural materials for furniture. Doing this not only provides a sense of calmness, but use of green vegetation can help the eyes rest after sitting in front of a monitor for an extended period of time. It’s also important to look for ways that your office can improve its impact on the environment in terms of plastic and paper use, food wastage and much more.

Trending Office Colours

Just like each year has a new pantone “colour of the year,” below are some of the trending office colours for 2021:

  • Honey and lemon (warm golds and bright yellows)
  • Grey and natural beige
  • Dark green and grey green
  • Oranges and reds

Keep in mind that the intention is to not use all these colours in the one space, but using a few of these colours will ensure your office design is up to date and will remain this way for a number of years.

At IC Corporate Interiors, we specialise in on trend office designs. To book in for your free design advice, measure and quote, please contact our friendly team on (03) 8802 9630.