Why you should consider a contemporary reception desk for your office

There are many things about your office that can make a big impression on clients. One of these first impressions is the reception desk. 

Reception desks are often one of the first things someone sees when they enter your office. Your office fit out reflects who you are as a business, and can set the expectation of what your prospective client will think of your business. Old, outdated reception desk? May indicate to a client that you’re not invested in keeping your business and processes up to date. 

Your reception area is an important part of your office for a number of reasons: 

  • It’s the first thing your clients see when they visit your office, and often the first time they will meet your team. If you fail to make a good first impression, this can be hard to change. 
  • Your clients may potentially spend a bit of time there waiting, so you want them to feel comfortable and have a positive experience.
  • If designed and fitted out properly, it will reinforce a positive brand image.
  • It can also give your clients a chance to learn more about your business’s background, culture and employees. 

In order to make a great first impression when people enter your office, there are a few things you should consider. Here are some of the top ideas when considering your commercial office fitouts.  

Ensure your reception area is welcoming

You want to ensure that people feel welcome when they come into your office and are waiting for the person they are meeting with. It should also be spacious enough to accommodate the needs of your clients when they are attending your office, so ensure that when you are selecting a reception desk, while you want it to look contemporary, it also needs to fit within the allocated space. 

You should make sure that your reception desk reflects your company’s values and personality. This can include the type of materials you choose, the furniture layout, the size, shape and placement of items like your reception desk and seating area, as well as other décor elements. It is important to think about how the reception desk will look and feel in the space. 

Make your brand shine through your design 

When considering your design for your new reception space, it’s extremely important to ensure your brand personality is reflected in your office. Your brand and logo are unique to your business, and how people recognise you, so your reception area should also reflect this. Even if you’re not 100% sure about your branding and whether it will remain the same, you can still incorporate it into your design in understated and professional ways. Using company colours for feature walls, frosted logos onto glass, and other small elements throughout can bring your brand into your fit-out without being too over the top. 

Give yourself the budget you need 

While an unlimited supply of money would be nice, all businesses need to work to a budget. However, allow yourself enough space in the budget to incorporate all the necessary items for your fit-out, including a contemporary reception desk. It is important to remember that your office fit-out is an investment that is going to positively impact your business’s performance and productivity, so don’t restrict yourself too tightly and sacrifice design elements that are critical. Don’t settle for something that doesn’t work for everyone, even if it is less expensive.  

Don’t forget to future proof your office 

One of the most important things to consider when planning your new reception space is to think about how the space will work in 10 years’ time. You may have a long-term arrangement to stay at your current location, so your fit-out should be adaptable to any changes that happen to your business along the way. Contemporary reception desks that are well-made will last for a number of years without requiring updating. 

It may still seem overwhelming the thought of embarking on a new reception fit-out. If you’re feeling like this – don’t be afraid to speak to a professional who specialises in office fit-outs and reception desks in Melbourne. It may be tempting to attempt to do the work yourself to save on budget, but in the bigger picture, having a professional guide you in the process will save you money, time and potentially a lot of heartbreak. 

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