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Five Design Tips for Your Boutique Office Space

boutique office black feature wall slats
With the novelty of working-from-home phasing out, it’s time to prepare your boutique office space for the hybrid work model. At IC Corporate Interiors, we pride ourselves in fitting out boutique offices that are both stylish and functional.

Here are our top 5 fitout tips for your boutique office design.

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Boutique Office Furniture

Boutique office furniture open area

Functionality or aesthetics? A debate that can be had in all aspects of life, these two factors go head-to-head when it comes to design choice. Most of the time, we’re often made to choose between a less pretty, but highly functional space or an aesthetically pleasing space that may be less practical. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case! It just takes time and some careful choosing to perfect the balance. For example, the stunning tan leather chair you’ve had your eye on might be beautiful, but not so comfortable. Instead, it’s smart to opt for the just-as-nice black one that might not be your favourite but is ergonomic friendly. The reason why its so important to balance both aspects is because they are equally essential for productivity, engagement and making your workplace somewhere your employees want to be.

At IC Corporate, we stock a range of high-quality, ergonomic products to suit any boutique office décor style. You can also opt for custom-made furniture – designed and manufactured here in Melbourne.

Nail your Boutique Reception Desk

Modern wooden desk with marble design

The reception area forms your client’s first impression of your business image. Your boutique reception desk is the main furniture that is key to setting the right tone and creating a positive impression. Whether you’re after a timber or a or satin finish, make sure that the reception desk complements the overall style of your office.

Break Out Rooms

acoustic curved office partition

The shift towards open plan working and collaborative spaces has been one of the defining factors of the modern workplace. While this switch has been highly successful in building team culture, there will always be the need for quiet spaces and meeting rooms to ensure the needs of all staff members are met. Even employees who love to bounce ideas off each other will need space for themselves at some point. We like to ensure that every boutique office fitout has a meeting room, often with sound acoustic walls to block out noise, but with a glass partition to provide natural light. Having individual work pods are also a great idea for those who need to knuckle down and get their work done completely distraction free.

Bring The Outside, In

With many offices being based in urban environments, it’s easy for staff to feel detached from natural elements such as sunlight and plants. Lack of natural elements in the workplace is linked to a decline in wellbeing, productivity and creativity; three things that should never be compromised.

greenery in office

Human Spaces even reported that workers in office environments with natural elements such as greenery and sunlight report a 20% increase in well-being, are 4% more productive and 30% more creative. Therefore, it’s a good idea to incorporate these into your boutique office design to create a connection to nature. The best way to do this is to purchase some planter top units and indoor plant walls to incorporate greenery, as well as positioning workstations in spots that get the most amount of natural light.

Modern office with wooden furniture and plants in an office

Go for Glass

Boutique offices usually have a smaller space to work with – but it doesn’t have to feel like it! At IC Corporate interiors, we love to use glass partitions to create opportunity for light and a sense of space. Installing glass partitions can completely transform an office where there might have previously been walls or opaque finishes. Glass allows for light to flow through from other rooms and windows, reflecting a glow on the glass and giving the office a warm ambiance. 3D tilt feature walls

A spacious, light filled, and open boutique office is energising, increases productivity and boosts overall mood. Glass walls are genius in finding the perfect balance between separation and open plan working.

Beautiful office space with plants aesthetics
Acoustic workstation panel dividers in modern office fitout

A Touch of Luxury

Sleek office fitted with desks and green sofa chairs

It’s rare that the words “office” and “luxury” would be mutually exclusive, but they are now more than ever. Having a few luxury finishes in your office can really help take it to the next level, leaving a good first impression on clients and other visitors. Most importantly though, it will impress your staff who will feel valued and appreciative of the beautiful environment they get to work in. Some of our favourite finishing touches at IC Corporate are to add brass trims to joinery, choose luxe, good quality upholstery fabrics and flooring that isn’t the traditional speckled office grey.

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