First Impressions Count: Designing the Perfect Reception Desk

Designing the perfect reception desk is important as it will likely be the first thing that employees, visitors, and guests see when they step into your Melbourne office. If you are planning for an upcoming commercial office fitout in Melbourne, then you should pay close attention to the design of your reception desks. 

At IC Corporate Interiors, we design reception desks for Melbourne offices, helping businesses create a strong first impression whenever someone walks through their doors. With a well-designed reception desk, you can instantly create a welcoming environment that boosts employee morale and feels inviting to any outside guests. 

Making a Good First Impression 

Whether we try to avoid it or not, it’s not uncommon for us to make snap judgments on a location when we first arrive. If you own a Melbourne business, then you have the power to control that first impression with a well-designed reception desk. 

The reception area is the first location that people step into when entering your office space, so having a well-designed reception desk conveys professionalism, trust, confidence, and credibility. Reception desks can be stylish, sophisticated, strong, or a combination of all three of these things. 

When you put the time, care, and effort into designing a reception desk with attention to detail and which is a strong representation of your brand, then you can enjoy the confidence of making a good first impression each and every time. 

The Key to a Well Designed Reception Desk 

If you are in the process of redesigning your reception desk as part of a new office fitout for your Melbourne business, what are the key things you need to consider to make a great first impression? After all, a desk may not seem to have much complexity to it, but there are several small details you can harness to ensure your reception area is a strong representation of your business. Let’s take a look at some of the main design elements you should consider for your new reception desk. 

  • Brand representation: your reception desk should be fitted out with the colours, materials, and other design elements that align with your business’ brand identity. 
  • Functional capacity: while your reception desk should be aesthetically pleasing to any guests or visitors, it also needs to serve the needs of your reception staff. Plenty of working space, storage, and the option for your staff to add small personal touches to the desk all go a long way to creating a functional and welcoming work environment. 
  • A warm welcome: visitors and guests won’t have a great first impression if they are greeted by a reception desk that is cold and bland. The desk should be well-lit, clean looking, and have splashes of colour and decorations such as plants. 

All of these elements work together to create a reception desk that represents your business with confidence. At IC Corporate Interiors, we design custom made reception desks that tick all of these boxes while showcasing the unique strengths of your Melbourne business. 

The Importance of Reception Desks for Employees

Fostering a welcoming work environment is important for every business, and the design of an office space certainly helps to nurture a strong sense of belonging among employees. This extends across all facets of office design, including the reception desk.

Reception desks – and the entire reception area – is the first thing team members see when they arrive at work every day. A well-designed reception area can motivate employees to start the work day by showcasing the investment your business is willing to make to design a welcoming office space. 

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