Office Fit out Trends in Melbourne

IC Corporate Interiors specialise in office interior design and commercial office fit outs in Melbourne, so we know what the latest trends are, and how they can be optimised to meet the demands of the modern workplace. This year, major trends in office fit outs are based around flexibility, open space and finding solutions that suit the needs of all employees. IC Corporate Interiors can offer a personalised service to ensure your new office fitout is both on trend and suitable for your business.

Below you will find a list of office fitout trends in Melbourne, and why you should include these in your new office.

Office Fit Out Trend Melbourne: Pods

Pods are comfortable, informal spaces where employees can work independently or hold small meetings. Pods are made to accommodate either a single person, a couple of people or a small group, but usually no more than 6 people. Keeping in sync with the trendy open plan office, pods do not have a door, but do have a divider between each side to provide users with some privacy. Pods are the perfect addition to the modern office space as they provide the best of both worlds, providing employees with privacy but still allowing for ease of communication with other workers. IC Corporate can fit out your office space with pods to help increase productivity in your business.

Office Fitout Trends Melbourne

Office Fit Out Trend Melbourne: Bring the outside, inside

It’s no doubt that nature has a tranquil and calming effect, which are two things often needed in a fast-paced office environment. Therefore, why not incorporate some elements of nature into your new office fit out? You may have noticed that more Melbourne offices are choosing to fit out their space with large vertical gardens or rooms flooded with natural light. However, incorporating nature can be as simple as placing potted plants around the office, or optimising certain workspaces to be placed in areas that have beautiful natural lighting.

Office Fit Out Trend Melbourne: Branding

Branding is an incredibly important element of any company and is the ultimate identifier of any business. While it may seem kitsch, incorporating your company’s branding and colours into your office furniture and fitout is a simple way to inject life into the space and make it uniquely yours. In addition, fitting out an office space to reflect a company’s brand helps to build team culture and a sense of community. It is also important to remember that your office will often host clients and guests, so having a branded office helps create and reinforce brand awareness. Through a personalised service, IC Corporate can help you create the perfect branded office fit out that remains classic and on trend.

Office Fit Out Trend Melbourne: Free Range

The idea of breaking down walls and building free range workspaces is a trend that has grown tremendously over the past few years. Free range workspaces promote inclusion and teamwork, breaking down the ranks of department, with some CEOS and managers even choosing to eliminate a private office and instead sit alongside their employees. While free range workspaces are all about having an open plan, it is important to include private areas for employees who wish to work alone or need to have confidential conversations. IC Corporate specialises in creating open plan offices to match your business style and can help you create a space that suits all employee’s needs.

Office Fit Out Trend Melbourne: Living in the Office

One of the more recent office fitout trends is creating a comfortable, homely space for employees to relax in; breaking away from the traditional, “cold” feeling workplaces. With more and more of us spending extended hours in the office, it’s important to make the space feel warm and welcoming so that employees will feel comfortable and happy coming to work each day. A great way to implement this is to mimic a home setting, perhaps creating a “living room” type space near your kitchen with couches, cushions, a TV and some blankets for colder days. Having this inviting space will also encourage employees to eat lunch away from their desk so that they feel refreshed and ready to continue with the work day.

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