The 5 Best Small Office Design Ideas

Above all office designs, it seems that small office design ideas can be difficult to curate, sometimes impossible. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

In fact, there are so many effective small office design ideas – it’s just about finding a solution to suit your office space. At IC Corporate Interiors, we specialise in designing functional, sophisticated and ergonomic office spaces, customised to suit the shape of your office and the needs of your staff.

As we know that inspiration is everything, we’ve decided to share 5 of the best small office design ideas below.

Get Smart with Storage

In small office spaces, storage is everything. Therefore, when designing your small office space, ensure that getting perfectly custom-made storage is a priority.

As organisation is key to helping your employees be productive, providing them with ample storage to house the tools they need to complete their work is essential.

IC Corporate interiors can source storage options that fit the shape of your office, even matching it to your brand colours. When working with your designer to create storage solutions, consider fitting out your office with open wall shelves, multipurpose furniture and cabinet integration.

Better yet, ask your employees for input as to what storage they require to complete their work effectively.

Create Zones

With several employees working in a small space together, there’s no doubt that noise travels, which makes it difficult for some staff to complete their work.

Research shows that having delegated areas within your office is absolutely crucial for employee productivity. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to block noise is to create zones within your office using flexible partitions.

At IC Corporate Interiors, we stock a wide range of flexible office partitions to suit offices of every size, in a variety of different materials, shapes and colours. Flexible partitions are also a great option because they help you maintain the coveted open plan scheme, as there is the take down the partitions whenever you like.

Keep it Simple

While it can be tempting to go crazy with the design of your new office, in a small space, it’s better to keep it simple. Visual chaos and dark colours will make your office feel closed in and even smaller than it already is – which is definitely not what you want.

Alternatively, opt for a simple, symmetrical designs in light colours as well as windows and mirrors. This will help create the illusion of space and allow your office to breathe.

IC Corporate Interiors can help you choose small-space friendly colours that fit your brand’s identity.

Pods for Privacy

A step up from flexible partitions, it’s also important to add areas of complete privacy to your office space to accommodate for all employees working style.

Privacy pods are configurable soundproof pieces of furniture that block out the hustle and bustle of the office. Having areas that are completely soundproof is essential in any office space not only for employees seeking privacy, but for confidential video calls and meetings. The best part? Due to the streamline nature of privacy pods, they will take up minimal space, allowing you to make the most of your small office design.

Go Green

Finally, a healthy office environment is essential to employee happiness, and the best way to do this is to incorporate some greenery!

Including a few lush green plants inside your small office design will not only add a pop of colour but will ensure the office environment is always fresh. Consider choosing plants known for their air purifying abilities such as Devil’s Ivy, Spider Plants, Chrysanthemums or Peace Lilies.

If you do choose to keep plants in your office, make sure you have enough windows installed so that fresh air can circulate and keep the plants alive.