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Designing an office workstation

wokstation-design-aThe design of an office workstation should be directed by the range of people who may use it, the tasks they perform – and; should be large enough to accommodate the type of equipment to be used. Infrequent or non-users of computer tasks will require more office desk space for their paperwork.

An office workstation should also take into consideration ergonomic features that increase the comfort of the worker. Ergonomics refers to the scientific study of people in their workplace and how their working environment can be optimised for comfort. This is important because a comfortable employee is a happy, productive and motivated one that positively contributes to the workplace.

Office workstation: utilising a height adjustable desk and footrest

If you have a height adjustable desk, adjust it so that the desk top surface is just below elbow height. To determine your elbow height, you must relax your shoulders and bend your elbows to around 90 degrees. If your office desk is not height adjustable, and is too high, raise the office chair by the measured difference and use an adjustable footrest. Set the footrest platform so that it is the same as the measured difference. If the office desk is too low, then we as office designers in Melbourne can custom make the desk to the height required.

wokstation-design-b2There should be adequate clearance under the desk where the legs need to be positioned to ensure there is no twisting of the spine. The most commonly used items should be placed in the top drawer to improve access and reduce reaching or bending movements.

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