Useful Tips For Renovating Your Melbourne Office

Renovating, remodelling, or refitting your office takes time, care, and the help of professionals to make sure the job is being completed to the highest possible standard. That’s why we’re sharing some of our top tips for renovating your Melbourne office – ensuring an outcome that both you and your team love.

At IC Corporate, we deliver high quality commercial office fitouts throughout Melbourne. Across our years of doing this work, we have noticed several common mistakes that businesses make when renovating their office space. Follow our tips to help you avoid these mistakes by planning for an office that meets both the current and future needs of your business operations.


Ergonomics is an important consideration when renovating your Melbourne office. Office ergonomics refers to how your work space can be optimised to improve the productivity and efficiency of its workers. Renovation provides a great opportunity to improve your office ergonomics moving forward. Factoring this into your new vision ensures your business will benefit from maximum productivity and output from your team for years to come.

You need to choose chairs, desks, and office workstations that seamlessly mould into the everyday tasks of your workers. Your new furniture needs to support their posture after long hours of sitting, and the design of your office must allow for easy movement and plenty of space for them to stay mobile. When it comes time to renovate your Melbourne office, make sure that you are keeping the ergonomics of the new design front and centre of your mind at all times.

Planning for Electrical Needs

Your office won’t get too far if it hasn’t been designed properly around the electrical access points in your floor plan. Your desks and workstations should have easy access to the electrical and data points in the room, without hindering the moveability of the occupants. Pay careful attention to where these points are located, and make sure your renovation takes them into consideration for all of your electrical equipment.

Planning for Future Growth

When designing your new Melbourne office, it is essential that you are keeping the long-term in mind and not just the present. It’s highly likely that your business will change in size over the years, so to avoid having to move offices completely, your office renovation should take into consideration the potential for more staff members and how they will fit in with everyone else.

Renovating a Melbourne Office

Consulting Your Team

Redesigning an office is not a one-person job, so business owners should take their employees’ needs into consideration during the renovation process. If you are about to begin this process, then make sure you sit down with your employees and ask them for their feedback on what they want improved with their work space. By collecting all of their thoughts and ideas, you can work with the professional designers to create a space that caters to everyone’s needs.

It is also a good idea to consult your clients on your renovation – especially if you run a business that frequently has clients visit your Melbourne office space. You want your space to feel as comfortable and welcoming as possible, so don’t be afraid to ask them if they have any suggestions for your renovation.

Budgeting Correctly

A poorly-planned budget is quite often the Achilles heel of any office renovation. You need to find a middle ground between letting your budget dictate your spending, and not compromising too much on your vision for a renovated office. Investing in quality, timeless office furniture is a better long-term solution than giving your space a cheap-and-cheerful facelift using furniture that will break or date quickly.

If your team wants to work on modular workstations, then budget for modular workstations. If you believe a new feature wall will immerse your branding with your workspace, then make sure you have enough money to cover it when it comes time to renovate. Don’t make the mistake of sacrificing comfort, aesthetic, or functionality simply so your renovation will be cheaper. Instead, budget appropriately and take the time you need to get the funds for the office refit that will meet your needs for a long time – think of it as an investment and not a quick fix.

Finally, conducting an office renovation always has the potential to uncover unforeseen elements in your work space (such as hidden ducts or wiring) that you weren’t aware of. This can have a significant impact on the cost of the renovation, so your budgeting should account for potential unknowns before you begin the process.

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