Floor to Ceiling Office Partitions Melbourne

Office Partition Walls: Ceiling to Floor Glass Room Dividers

  • Made in Melbourne
  • Portable and demountable options
  • Clear or frosted glass, solid doors or glass inserts
  • Provides sound insulation
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Glass Office Partitions Melbourne


Glass Office Partitions Melbourne

For office partitions, Melbourne-based IC Corporate Interiors offers a broad range of office partition systems that can be tailored to suit your requirements, including ceiling-to-floor office partition walls.

From a small office – to a complete interior office refurbishment, the wide selection of office partitions available will ensure you have the right look and functionality, for your new office fitout.

Office partitions are not a structural member of the building and therefore can be moved and reconfigured to change the style and appearance of your office.

Glass partition systems have been increasingly popular as they provide the illusion of a wide and spacious office while maintaining the privacy of each room. The 44mm demountable partitions can be fully solid, part glass, tile lined glass or full glass partitions. You can also opt for clear or frosted glass panels, or solid doors with glass inserts or air vents for the 80 or 90 partitions.

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“Our offices always look smart and professional once we have installed furniture provided by Irene. With the vast array of products available I have always been able to get what I require. In areas where we have installed non-standard furniture the final product always looks professional and been very functional.” – Neil Taylor, Note Printing Australia

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44mm Demountable Office Partitions

These demountable office partitions are made in Melbourne and provide total flexibility for your interior office design and suit those with a budget in mind.  44mm Demountable Office Partition Systems are perfect for frequently changing environments as they can be easily pulled down and re-configured, even when you relocate to a new office.

Key features:

  • Portable and demountable for flexible interior office design
  • Easily pulled down and re-configured
  • Budget-friendly
  • Made in Melbourne

Available with following options:

  • Vinyl cladding
  • Raw or painted plaster
  • Upholstery fabrics and laminates
  • Natural anodised or powder coated frame – choose from Dulux Powdercoat Range
  • Fully solid, part-glass, tile-lined glass or full-glass partitions



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80 & 90 Office Partitions

Perfect as a more permanent office division and projects a high end appeal. Full floor-to-ceiling partitions allow maximum light with an open-plan feel, while providing privacy, security and sound insulation.

These office partitions are well-suited for full glass silicon butt jointed panels and designed in conjunction with 13mm plasterboard on 51mm or 64mm studs.

Key features:

  • More permanent office fixture
  • Provides sound insulation and privacy
  • Made in Melbourne

Available with following options:

  • Silver or black masonite skirting
  • Natural anodised or powder coated frame – choose from Dulux Powdercoat Range
  • Fully solid, part-glass, tile-lined glass or full-glass partitions


The Benefits of Floor-to-Ceiling Partitions

Providing employees with a private space to work is one of the major contributors to productivity, and one of the most effective ways to do this is by installing an office partition. Office partitions provide sound blocking from office noise so that staff can work distraction free, but without feeling completely isolated from their employees. Available in a range of different sizes, colours and finishes; office partitions are the perfect privacy solution for any office space.

An alternative to floor-to-ceiling partitions are office desk partitions, which are panels between desks that provide some privacy.

To obtain a quote for your floor to ceiling partition walls, call IC Corporate Interiors today on (03) 8802 9630.