Desk Partitions Melbourne

Desk Partitions Melbourne

desk partitionsThe 25mm Office Desk Partitions are the most economical of all IC Corporate Interiors office partition systems. Not  only is it the most affordable of the range, it can be combined with other partitions to create an interesting and contemporary design layout (as can be seen by the images on this page).

The special clamp integrated within the panel can be mounted to most office desks and workstations to desk partitionsprovide a quick partitioning solution or just to create privacy. When clamped onto the office desk or office workstation the panel sits 1200H from the floor. The panels are available in rectangular or wave shapes and come in various lengths and finishes. Standard lengths are 750, 800, 900, 1100, 1200, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800 and 2100.  Alternatively we can custom make a size to suit.

If cabling is required, external cabling can be supplied by means of cable baskets fitted under the desks or attached to the panels.

Benefits of Having Desk Dividers in Your Office

Desk partitions provide a level of privacy and separation between employees within their own workstations while still allowing for collaborative work. When looking to install internal partition walls, desk dividers are are the most affordable option as opposed to installing full office partition walls, which can sometimes create too much separation and make a space feel small.

Having these desk partition panels in place gives you the benefits of an open plan office while still being able to work independently. Ask our experts about the modern desk partition systems we have in stock.

Accessories & Shelves for your Desk Partitions

The affordable 25mm office desk partitions also offer the ability to mount shelves and stationery accessories, allowing you to free up your desk space and reduce clutter.


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