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Setting up an ergonomic chair

When setting up your office workstation it’s important to try various ergonomic seating positions to find the most comfortable arrangement for yourself.

Ergonomics refers to the study of how the working environment can be modified to fit the needs of the worker. An ergonomically optimised working environment is proven to result in more productive, happier and healthier employees which, in turn, makes your business more successful. The best way to achieve this is by purchasing office furniture that has been designed with ergonomics in mind, such as the ergonomic chair.

It’s most important to use a fully ergonomic chair and adjust all the controls or levers on that chair to get the maximum benefit from that chair.  Give yourself a chance to get used to any changes – chairs-athis may take several hours or even days to determine the best position.

Avoid sitting for long periods – getting out of your chair every 20 to 30 minutes will provide some relief.

Adjust the height of an ergonomic office chair so your feet are comfortably flat on the floor, with thighs approximately horizontal and the lower legs approximately vertical. Adjust the back rest to fit to the curve of your lower back. If this is not comfortable, lower the height by several centimetres, ensuring that it is not placed too low.

chairs-bAdjust the back rest tilt on your ergonomic chair to a position of comfortable pressure on the lower back area, while seated in the usual working posture at the desk. You should not feel that the back rest is pushing you out of the seat or that you have to lean too far back to reach it. There should be a two finger clearance between the front of the office chair and the back of the knee. Do not use armrests if they prevent you from getting as close to the desk as you require.

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