Ergopods: Office Workstation

We are a office fitouts company in Melbourne and our Ergopod office workstation range is proudly manufactured in Melbourne and offers a new and innovative alternative to traditional panel and desk based office workstation systems. They are economical, functional and stylish, designed to provide break-through levels of flexibility, essential for today’s business on the move.

Layout changes can be achieved quickly and simply as each Ergopod office workstation is an individual stand-alone unit. Pods are moved as a single piece and repositioned without affecting adjoining units.

Optional power is delivered via a modular soft wiring system consisting of outlet modules plugged together by means of flexible connecting leads. Each pod can be fitted with it’s own set of leads and as layout changes are required they are simply unplugged and replugged after the changes have been made. It is the safe, convenient and flexible means of providing power to a potentially everchanging area.

Panels are available in any of the standard range of colours with either matching 2mm ABS edges (Contemporary and Designer Ranges) or powdercoated extruded aluminium edges (Image Range).

Worksurfaces are available in any of the standard range of colours finished with matching 2mm ABS edges.

Wave ErgoPod
Reception ErgoPod
Utility & Clerical ErgoPods
Supervisor ErgoPod
Utility ErgoPod

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