Space Planning Tips for Your Office Fitout

Space planning for your office is an important process that requires careful and thoughtful planning on your end as a business owner. Mapping out the look and layout of your office gives you the chance to shape your workspace to fit the varied needs of your employees. 

At IC Corporate, we specialise in commercial office fitouts in Melbourne to help businesses maximise their working environment for productivity, efficiency, and comfort. If you are space planning for your office fitout, then use these tips to ensure you have a workspace that is working for everyone who uses it. 

Creating a Floor Plan 

A floor plan allows you to plan for and visualise the design and layout of your office before you start moving in the new furniture and equipment. It’s an important first step as it allows you to draw up the precise dimensions of where everything will end up. 

You can map out the precise layout of your new Melbourne office fitout—ensuring there’s enough room for easy movement and dedicated spaces for quiet work, collaboration, and team meetings. 

Extra Tip:
When designing your floor plan, make sure you place your electronic equipment—such as computers and printers—near power points. This will keep your cables more organised and make it easier to move other furniture and equipment around your electronics. 

Making the Most of Lighting 

Light plays a huge role in influencing people’s productivity while at work. Natural light impacts people’s energy and hunger levels, and the more of it you can have in your office fitout in Melbourne, the better. 

If your office is too far away from any windows to let in natural light, then you should still plan your space around the best use of the artificial light available to you. It’s recommended to purchase adjustable lamps for each desk, so that every employee has the choice to tailor the amount of light that works best for their needs. 

Extra Tip: 

If you do have windows in your office space, you should angle the desks of your workers to capture as much of the natural light as possible. Other areas such as meeting rooms and collaborative spaces can be lit with artificial light, as they will likely be used less. 

Prioritising Comfort 

When planning the space for new office fitouts in Melbourne, the comfort of your employees, customers, clients, and visitors should be your number one priority. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, but here are some of the key ones to keep in mind while space planning: 

  • Consider how much space you are allocating to each employee—both at their desk and in communal areas. 
  • Maximise space with sit-stand desks.
  • Purchase desks with ample room for all equipment, documents, and personal items to comfortably fit together. 
  • Use ergonomic desk chairs to increase comfort levels for employees—benefiting their overall productivity and workplace satisfaction. 
  • Replace the flooring in your office with nice, fresh, and new carpet. 

These are just some of the ways in which you can prioritise comfort when planning the space for your Melbourne office. By taking into account the needs of your employees, your business will benefit from a team who is working at their best whenever they are in the office. 

Extra Tip: 

Office workstations in Melbourne are a great way to maximise the space available to you in your workplace. Consider including some adjustable workstations in your new office fitout to allow for a flexible working environment. 

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